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 Army of Me - Feisar Remix (6:07)
256 kbps:  ArmyofMe_Feisar.mp3 (11.2 MB)
It has a nice dance beat to it i like it (by Ameilio)
I feel like dancing after this! great work!! (by Ikingut)
excellent listening. Thanks for sharing another one of your fab-tabby-tastic mixes with the world. x (by Danno)
cool mix, nice beat! (by neddles)
ya know....after hearing your reinforces the fact that i do not like the mixes that were officially selected for the charity CD. i really enjoyed the style you created on this track...most people would naturally go for a harder mix, but yours has a smoothness to it that works! thank you. (by Matt Toscani)
the first time i heard it i thought it was ok, but the more i listen to it the more i think it's a brilliant remix and definitely one of my favorites. hard to explain, just listen to it and you'll understand how cool it is. congrats! (by dalaco)
Good mix. Some more variations and climax(es) could make it better. Keep up the good work! (by rater)
I fucking love this remix. Around 04.30 i'm hearing similarities to your 'Show Me Forgiveness' remix but i think that's just your thing... using strings and all those soothing sounds. (by Tea)
nice work man 10x (by kris)
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 Show Me Forgiveness - Purity Mix (5:30)
214 kbps:  ShowMeForgiveness_Purity.mp3 (8.5 MB)
AWESOME! it's way better than the original! great work! keep on mixing Medúlla songs! (by Tappi)
Wellcome.I Like It.Like All The Others.Wait For New Medulla Rmx.Soon,Please.Ciao (by Paolo)
it's alright i noticed deisred constellation in it (by Ameilio)
its to good to put in words (by reggie)
Feisar, this remix is so extremely beautiful that my tears just began to fall down from pleasure (by Petra)
it's a marvelous remix, congrats! (by Ikingut)
could you simply make it more dancy? (by dj hakim)
i love the etherial way you work with bjork's vocals...from the UNDO remixes to this one. the layering is great. i have found a new Feisar favorite :) (by Matt Toscani)
very medùlla-like, it would've made an awesome album version, better than the original. full of depth & emotion, this version, unlike the original, sends-out a message. (by dalaco)
verry verry great remixes!!! i love verry much your style of i want dance ! sorry for my bad english, im from french canada. tanks friend for music! (by crow)
moi j ai pas - a la bien - (by dj ilias )
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 Glóra - Morning Song (4:51)
203 kbps:  Glora_MorningSong.mp3 (7.1 MB)
Waking up in the morning with Bjork...ought to sound like this. (by MAX_theHitMan)
a very good idea - starting the song with morning noises and let it end with a small Bang ! once again: this track is a new track based on a idea of Glory .... and thats what good remixes should be ! mo (by mobox)
Someone should hire you to do music for films. Your ambient work creates atmospheres that seem to swallow the listener. Great job! (by Briana)
God, this version is so CREEPY... But also lovely. =) The part after the children playing where the flute starts fading in gives the the chills. (by spritenite)
I think you have a real talent (by P.m.)
(by Henrik)
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 Undo - Bloom (11:25)
130 kbps:  Undo_Bloom_low.mp3 (10.6 MB)
194 kbps:  Undo_Bloom.mp3 (15.8 MB)
absolutely beautiful x (by april)
A voyage to the center of the Galaxy...breathtaking and beautiful (by MAX_theHitMan)
Stunning remix! Really excstatic and dreamy...great for lounging around on a rainy day. (by evader1)
this is the Chill Out beat that you need sometimes ... (by mobox)
gives mother heroic mix a run for its money for best mix on the site...beautiful...definitely a voyage to the center of the galaxy...breath-taking (by shane)
it's like travelling up through the tunnels of an underwater cave into the sun... (by grubstreetpoet)
why cant i give it a 10 out of five????? this is easily the most fantastic re-interpretation of a bjork song yet...
its like i was being born... (by LittleWhales)
Wait a minute... It's not Blooming... It's dead! (by rater)
It was ok but very slow-paced. At first it sounded like a big oil ship or something, which I liked, but then it just got so boring and repeatative. It was just so boring! (by Eric)
I love this remix. I've noticed a recurring trend though on reviews posted by 'rater.' Wow, asshole. Go find another website to terrorize. Jeeze... (by modandangry)
Has some nice sounds in it. Slow, but original. (by Crouching Liger)
Thank you for uploading this amazing catalog. I've listened to this remix over 100 times since you posted it on Bjork Remix Web back in '03 (it's 2016 as of this post). This remix has been with me through some rough times along the way and raises my spirits every time I hear it. Hope you keep producing new works of your own! (by CMO)
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 Undo - Wither (6:21)
190 kbps:  Undo_Wither.mp3 (8.6 MB)
The end is for immortality everafter (by MAX_theHitMan)
reminds me some of the dark and mysty sound s of angelo badalamenti in Twin Peaks: Dark and Foggy sounds which scares ... mo (by mobox)
i feel weak listening to this song. it is so dark and beautiful...gorgeous. such a wonderful melody...very a cold, dark, foggy night... (by shane)
this put me to sleep (by rater)
It kinda made me want to kill myself, or at least stab steak knives in my ears. Other than that, it was excellent. (by Incredulous Informavore)
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 Frosti - Across the Lake (7:05)
191 kbps:  Frosti_AcrosstheLake.mp3 (9.7 MB)
I was looking for a longer version of Frostie, just cause 1.40 is too short.
I never thought I'd find 7min.s worth! YOu might have stretched it a little too far, but it's still great (by Adder)
Inside an ice cave, I found this jewel. Listen to it shimmer in the light.
(by MAX_theHitMan)
Ambient at it's best! (by evader1)
finally i found someone who loves the music and who can create something new and very shiny out of his mind ! mo (by mobox)
it's very good... i would like to hear one a bit faster; i really like the end of the third minute. (by laurie)
hey... i guess this is your best cut here! i like it: sooooo frosty! (by dj hakim)
I know now the sound paint would make if it made sound while drying. This would get 0 rating if it could (for all that screeching at the end). (by rater)
Rater, you sure are an asshole. I notice you didn't leave a link to any of your own mixes. GOOD ONE (by spritenite)
I love this. Reminds me of xmas time in London (by Tea)
Its so beautiful! What you have done with this song is truly a work of art. It brings me to tears everytime!! (by Rhiannon Howell)
This has inspired me. It has become apart something I consider to be magnificent. It\'s beautiful. (by J.D. Gonzales)
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 Overture - Blind Leap (7:42)
128 kbps:  Overture_BlindLeap128.mp3 (7.1 MB)
196 kbps:  Overture_BlindLeap.mp3 (10.8 MB)
Exotic-Hypnotic (by MAX_theHitMan)
i really like the first 5 minutes, it builds up very well and i love those bass vibes. the synthie part that takes place ater 5 minutes is not my cup of tea, but HEY its very well done ! mo (by mobox)
this is a great mix to dance in the dark to, you know dancer in the dark. lol i crack myself up! hee hee write me to be ur dj okay dude I love your work! (by Bjorkfan_22)
Pretty good beat and nice trumpet, but it feels like it's just a random mix with a 1 minute Bjork related intro slapped in. (by rater)
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 Pluto - Crashlanding Mix (4:11)
194 kbps:  Pluto_Crashlanding.mp3 (5.8 MB)
An alien crash-landed his spaceship on Pluto and he lived to dance about it. Good beat to stomp your feet on an asteroid. (by MAX_theHitMan)
well, it sounds like a different song, it's not like a mix... but the begining is good! (by topiz)
to Beaty for my taste but a good idea and a brilliant start !!! mo (by mobox)
And your total is.......... (by Rhi)
I think it's very well done. It does seem exacly like a alien
stomping it's feet on a asteroid to the beats of deep space. Very dark like beyond dark. Anytime when I listen to these mixes and remixes from bjork I get this sence of passion from these mixes I think it would be a good idea if bjork made different sides to her videos like have the same song but make different mixes from her songs and then make them into music videos to represent each mix that is made well of some of them. I think it would be a neat idea. age 17 (by Nathan)
Another great mix of Pluto.. Damn, I envy you, Feisar. (by lolaremixe)
i was curious of this mix at first. but then i was quite upset. i didn't listen bjork singing at all here. merely tunes? i want her... not that beat! :-( (by dj hakim)
Very Dance, i love Dance Remixes! (by HunterCR)
This would make a pretty good track on an album that is completely unrelated to Bjork. (by rater)
I love it and would like to use it for my dance. I need to be able to put it on the computer or cd. (by liz)
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 Pluto - Crashlanding Dance Edit (3:37)
210 kbps:  Pluto_CLdance.mp3 (5.4 MB)
i love bjork (by giorgi)
absolutely dreamy i love this hard powerful vibe. x (by ketamine)
I love Pluto, so I tought I'd check out this mix... Excellent one!! Feisar, me encantó este mix! (by lolaremixe)
same case as that so-called "crashlanding mix"... hardly satisfying! (by dj hakim)
This gets a 1 because the mixer forgot to mix in the Bjork part. (by rater)
Really good.
I'm amazed at how much free time some people have... Their lives must be pretty empty to have the time to listen to so many mixes they don't like then post vicious comments. (by Galtar)
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 Cvalda - Artificial Life Mix (5:38)
208 kbps:  Cvalda_ArtificialLife.mp3 (8.4 MB)
100% Artificial Life with half the calories !!... and NO preservatives !!...Tastes great !! (by MAX_theHitMan)
It's an very good remixes, really noisy and I like that very much, I hope more like this one will come ;) (by CrazyofBjork)
AIIGGHHH!!!!!!! THE MACHINES ARE AFTER ME!!!!! (by evader1)
this one is a GROWER ! first i didnt know where to put it, than i realised: there is no need to put it anywhere and than it went straight in me ! great ! (by mobox)
The Machines are after me too. I like it, but I don't think this is an iPod candidate. (by Public Front)
The industrial noises are my favorite part of the original, and this takes that and expands on it tenfold (and almost to the point of pain). I like it a lot. (by Briana)
this mix is so industrial
Oh no the alien bjork machines are making me dance to the infectous dance beat and I think I like it alot in fact keep it up and make more remixes dude! (by Bjorkfan_22)
Unfortunately the machines ate Bjork before she could get to the studio. (by rater)
ur mixes are gonna be on new computer they are sweet as honey
(by Bjorkfan_22)
not a whole lot of rhythmical variance, and nothing particularly interesting about the arrangement, but definitely some solid sampling. (by Percussionist)
check out the Cadets 2005 show "the zone." great use of cvalda and overture. (by jeff)
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 Alarm Call - Flux Mix (4:29)
188 kbps:  AlarmCall_Flux.mp3 (6.0 MB)
very slick and original. addictive beats. (by shane)
It´s an abstract drip-hip-trip-downtempo-chill-out groovy tune. Can ya dig what I´m sayin´? (by MAX_theHitMan)
Max: I can !!! (by mobox)
I like it, but I think this is an iPod candidate. It is growing on me. (by Public Front)
once again, mixes shouldn't crush the song and just use exerpts. if i already didnt know this song, i would ENVER venture to listen to it. i must say, creative beats and layering, but it needs more of the song!!! (by Jeremy)
Minus 1 rating point for each time I had to force myself away from the Stop button on my music player so I could hear it all. (by rater)
Awful. Without Björk and the whole lenght the same (by Joxer)
Amazing!!! You strung the beats together to form a totally new, yet coherent song masterpiece! (by Piotr)
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 Alarm Call - Mountain Whispers (6:44)
185 kbps:  AlarmCall_MW.mp3 (8.9 MB)
Uhhhhh????????? (by rater)
It sounds like the insides of a Martian toilet bowl. Flush please! (by Incredulous Informavore)
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 Mother Heroic - Blueeyed Mix (4:45)
209 kbps:  MotherHeroic_Blueeyed.mp3 (7.1 MB)
i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Reggie)
Dreams of a cyborg infant...a superb melody. (by MAX_theHitMan)
The song is great...but we need more bjork in it. (by angusthecow)
Wow! This is an excellent remix!!!! (by aermancer)
a masterpiece .. excellent beats and very melodic ! (by mobox)
The best remix opf a björk song I heard in years (by der_ketzer)
This mix is beautifully composed! A very emotional feel with bjork's soft voice. 110% (by Christopher Cruz)
...probably the best remix on this site. i think this is your best work. absolutely beautiful. that's all i can say. absolutely beautiful. (by shane)
pretty touchy... but yeah i do agree: we need more bjork in it! (by dj hakim)
its been months and i still love it (by reggie)
lovely (by flo)
Call air defense; a good Bjork beat has been hijacked... (by rater)
pish....... I think the rater has been too kind (by Jed)
Amazing work! Really superb! (by Galtar)
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Except for the Army of Me, Show Me Forgiveness, Glóra, and Undo mixes,
all of these remixes are revised versions of songs that were on the old Björk Remix Web.

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