Hello, this is fh+, and this is my Björk site, containing remixes I made of her songs. Most of them used to be on the Björk Remix Web, which closed. I´ll include them here, and i´ll add new ones, that i made since then. Check back often for updates, and please leave your comments on the guestbook! Thank You Jean-Remy and Feisar for hosting my music!
LATEST UPDATES: july 19: Pluto cover version.-
Sun In My Mouth (recomposed by fh+)
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Comments: This is mostly a composition I made, using sounds from the original song, and inspired by it. You won´t hear her voice but I think it´s pretty nice.

Harm Of Will (fh+´s chasing the dragonfly mix)
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Comments: I tried several times to remix this song, until this one worked out. It´s nature-inspired and climatic. It features crickets, frogs and water!

Venus as a Boy (fh+´s venus dub)
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Comments: This is a strange kind of remix, i made a totally new song by usign sounds from the original song and no additives.

Undo (fh+´s film mix)
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Comments: This is my third remix of Undo, but the first one i´m happy with. I like to hear it as a James Bond song. Björk is the bad girl, she captured Bond, and sings this to him.

The Anchor Song (end titles for an imaginary movie)
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Comments: This was my second remix ever, I guess i chose this song cause it´s easy to take the voice and do something else, and the style is kinda trip-hop / soundtrack. Hope you like it

Gling-Gló (fh+´s snow mix)
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Comments: When it´s cold outsite, let it be warm inside. One of my first remixes, and it´s still between my favourites.

You´ve Been Flirting Again (Brazilian Dream Remix)
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Comments: This was a very personal desire: to mix björk´s music with bossa-nova which is one of the rythms I love most.

Charlene (the friendly ghost mix)
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Comments: An old remix, really simple sounds and harmony, but everyone loved it at the BRW. I still don´t know if it´s happy or sad.

Jòga (Battle Hymn For An Army of Moles)
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Comments: One of my personal favourites (the song and the remix), this one just makes me smile, and i think it´s one of the most original ones...

Batabid (Dolphin Dive Mix)
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Comments: Just a happy-upbeat-simple kind of remix, someone on the BRW said that I changed winter for summer on this remix, and I think it´s a good description. Splash!!!

Unison (fh+´s blue clouds mix)
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Comments: This is a favourite of my dear friend Paul Dye, and I must admit I really like it too. I used the Intro of the song, and a harp-loop from the end to make a new song.

It´s Not Up To You (Paul Dye & fh+´s Quack! Mix)
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Comments: This was a really sucessful collaboration with the genius of Paul, and if you like it, (and if you don´t like it too) go right now to PAUL DYE´s website and check out all his amazing music.

Hidden Place (fh+´s digital massage)
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Comments: I published 3 remixes of this song on the BRW, but this one (the last) was the only one that worked for me, and for most of the people. I used her voice as an instrument, and tried to create an abstract atmosfere. Technology-inspired.