Past Updates

December 11, 2009
     HanGhoul has been updated to version 1.2!  The main change in this version is that now you can use the mouse to navigate the game menus.  I also made some small fixes, including darkening a few of the backgrounds so it's easier to see the Korean characters.
     I want to thank everyone who filled out the survey I put up recently.  I really appreciate all your input!  I may do one more small update to the game in the near future.

January 14, 2009
     HanGhoul has been updated to version 1.1 (finally!).  This update adds two more vocabulary sets to the game, Set C and Set D:  together they include over 850 new words!  I tried my best to select interesting, relatively common words and fit them into some broad categories.  I made a number of minor changes to the original vocabulary sets as well—too many to list.  The Web pages for each set have been improved, with links for each annotated word.  The main screen of the game has also been revised to show the selected stage title, and there is no longer a separate menu option to change the stage; instead, just press left or right on the first option ("Begin Stage").
     I believe this will probably be the last major update to the game.  If I learn of any inaccuracies with the vocabulary or of any glitches in the applet, I will put up another update as soon as I can.  Right now I don't anticipate making any more big improvements to the game however.  Of course, I would still appreciate any feedback you might have; my e-mail address is on the FAQs page.

March 8, 2008
     Version 1.09 is up.  Aside from a few tiny tweaks to the game, this update consists mainly of vocabulary changes.  I added some words to stages 4 and 5 of Set A and stages 2, 3, and 5 of Set B.  In reviewing the verb sections, I replaced "relax" with "rest" and "stand" with "stand up" so the translations would be more accurate.  I also removed a few verbs:  "be" in Verbs 1 and "sneeze" and "shower" in Verbs 2.  I took out "to be" (이다) since its meaning and translation are so imprecise; not only is there another "to be" verb (있다), but they are both extremely common and so chances are anyone studying Korean is already familiar with them.  (If you haven't learned about them yet, here is a lesson that explains their usage.)
     A new Java version was released this week:  Version 6 Update 5.  I highly recommend that you upgrade—especially if you are still using Update 3, since Update 4 had a lot of improvements and bug fixes (but for some reason it was never put up on  Just a reminder:  you can delete the older Java versions in Add or Remove Programs after you install the new ones.
     I have started work on a new vocabulary set or two, but it will be at least several months before one of them might be ready.  I removed "sneeze" and "shower" from Set B to make room for some more common verbs, but I'll be sure to put them back in Set C.  (So don't be too disappointed!)

November 5, 2007
     HanGhoul has been updated to 1.08.  I can confirm that the game works fine with the latest Java version (which you can get from  But again, if you have Java 5 there is no reason to upgrade.  I made a couple changes to Vocabulary Set A:  the Korean for "stairs" was changed to 계단 (which seems to be more common), and 안녕하세요 is now simply "hello" (formal) while 안녕 is "hello" (informal).  Of course, 안녕하세요 is a common greeting which literally means "Are you at peace?"  I also made one change to Set B:  I replaced the entry for "sports field", since it was the same as "stadium" in Set A.  In its place I added "ball" (공).

October 9, 2007
     HanGhoul has been updated to 1.07.  I went through all of Set B and made a lot of corrections and improvements.  In the game, I changed the High Scores option to be turned off by default.  Also, I believe the game works with Java 6 now.  I haven't tested it too extensively, but I tried out the game with the latest Java 6 JRE today and had no problems.  If you have an earlier Java version there is no reason to switch, and if you don't have Java, for now I would still recommend that you get the latest Java 5 JRE instead. Finally, I'll mention that I've updated the Resources page with some new links that I found to be helpful.

August 1, 2007
     HanGhoul has been updated to 1.06.  The only change to the vocabulary is that "fire department" in stage 6 of Set A is now simply "fire station".  I made some small improvements to the game code as well.

July 12, 2007
     Version 1.05 is out.  Again, thanks go to David ( for pointing out some more errors in Set A.  Most of them were minor, but I revised all of the colors in stage 3, making some changes as well as switching the Korean to a different form (one more commonly used).  I also replaced "no thank you" from stage 4:  in fact the Korean word was only part of the translation for "no, thanks", which was "고맙지만, 괜찮습니다".  In its place, I added 괜찮아요 for "all right"; you can say "no thanks" (literally, "no, it's okay") simply by adding "no":  아니, 괜찮아요.

July 2, 2007
     HanGhoul is updated to 1.04.  There were a few errors in stage 2 of Set A:  "yard" should have been "backyard," and the Hangul for "dryer" and "garden" had typos.   My thanks to David for pointing these out!
     Again, please use a Java 5 JRE instead of a Java 6 one.  I'll keep an eye on 6 as it is updated and see if I can get the game working correctly with it.

June 26, 2007
     I hadn't noticed that Java version 6.0 had recently become the "recommended" version at   Normally new Java versions are fully backwards compatible, but unfortunately there seem to be some problems playing HanGhoul with 6.0.  After trying it out and reading about the latest update, the problems look like bugs to me (rather than incompatibility issues), so for now I strongly recommend you use version 5.0 instead of the newest one.  See the Setup page for details.

May 4, 2007
     Version 1.03 is released.  The only noticeable change is that I fixed a glitch where two sounds would play when an enemy spawned.

March 29, 2007
     Version 1.02 is released.  I added the "View Missed Words" option to the game over screen when you die; I also added a sound to the menus and tweaked the enemy spawn rate again.  I updated both vocabulary sets with a number of minor changes.  They should stay pretty much the same from now on.

March 9, 2007
     HanGhoul has been updated to version 1.01.  The major change is a rearrangement of Set A:  three sections are in a different position now.  I think the new order makes more sense and will make the set easier to learn, but of course you can play the stages in any order you wish.  I made a few other small changes to Set A; Set B is exactly the same.  As for the game itself, I just slightly tweaked the rate enemies appear in a few stages.
     I also updated most of the pages on the site.  If you play the game I would love to hear your feedback!   Feel free to send me an e-mail using the address on the FAQs page.

February 26, 2007
     HanGhoul is launched!  Version 1.0 is ready to play.  News about updates to the game and the site will appear here in the future.

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