How to Play HanGhoul

Object of the game:

The goal of HanGhoul is to progress through each stage by destroying all the enemies as quickly as you can.  To kill an enemy, look at the Korean characters above its head and then type the English meaning in the text field at the bottom of the screen.  If you type in the correct answer, you will shoot the enemy and increase your score.  If you type in the wrong answer, nothing will happen.

When an enemy gets closer to you, a hint showing the first two letters of the English answer will be shown underneath it (if you have hints turned on in the Options).  However, if you let an enemy get too close, it will attack you.  If you are attacked 10 times (by missing 10 words), you will die and will have to start the stage over.

Note:  Remember, the English answer you give must be exactly what is listed in the HanGhoul Vocabulary Sets (more details on that page).

  • Use the keyboard or mouse to navigate the menus.
    • Using the keyboard:
           Press the up or down keys to highlight a menu item, and enter or the space bar to
           select it.  Use left and right to change options on the Options screen and to change
           stages on the main menu and High Scores screen.
    • Using the mouse:
           Click on the stage name to switch stages on the main menu, or on the stage number
           to switch stages on the High Scores screen.  Click on an option to change it.
  • When playing the game, type your answer in the text field and press enter.
         (Type quit and press enter to return to the main menu.)

Note:  You may have to click once inside the applet window before you can use the main menu.

  • The stages in HanGhoul are based on sets of vocabulary.  There are four Vocab Sets:
         Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D.
  • Each set is divided into 8 sections according to the theme or category of the words—these
         sections correspond to the stages in the game.  For example, stage 3 of Set A contains
         Korean vocabulary for numbers, colors, and shapes.
  • Stage 1 of Set A is a little different:  instead of matching a Korean word with its English
         meaning, you must match each letter in the Hangul alphabet with its English romanization.
  • You must go through all the words in a section to complete the stage.  
  • HanGhoul starts with Set A selected—you can load a different set from the Options menu.

  • 100 to 200 points for killing an enemy
         For maximum points, kill enemies as soon as you can after they appear.
  • +200 for Flawless Round Bonus
         Awarded for destroying all the enemies in a stage (i.e. taking no damage).
  • +400 for Hot Shot Bonus
         Awarded for perfect accuracy (giving no wrong answers).
  • If you get a high score for that stage and Vocab Set, you can enter your name.
         High Scores must be enabled in the Options menu (they are not enabled by default).

  • Bombs clear the screen of enemies when you use them.
  • There are 2 types of Bombs: Bi Bombs and BoA Bombs.
         (Bi and BoA are popular Korean singers.)
  • If an enemy appears with a Bi or BoA icon below, kill the enemy
         to get that type of Bomb.
  • To use a Bomb, just type bi or boa (depending on which Bomb you have) and press enter.
  • You can only get one Bomb per stage.  Bombs do not carry over to the next stage.


The options screen has the following options (default options are in BOLD UPPERCASE):

  • Sound  (ON / Off)
         Turn the game sounds on or off.
  • Hints  (ON / Off)
         Enable or disable hints.  Hints show the first 2 letters of the English answer, and
         they appear just before an enemy is about to attack.
  • Bombs  (ON / Off)
         Enable or disable the Bombs.
  • High Scores  (On / OFF)
         If you enable this option, the game will connect to the server at the end of each stage to
         check if you got a high score.  If your score is in the top 10, you can record your name.
         (You can still look at the high scores from the main menu with this option disabled.)
  • Vocab Set  (A / B / C / D)
         Use this option to switch the current vocabulary set; the game will load the new set when
         you return to the main menu.

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